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Chinouk Filique de Miranda 

ArtEZ, MA Critical Fashion Practices

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digitalisation of fashion through our new media landscape ; 

focused on  de-mystification  of subliminal

processes that consumers encounter in daily life

by picking apart the mundane acts of partaking in digital public




ephemeral architecture



meta space > metaverse

 enabled by internet

& facilitated by social media 




( 2019 )

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algorithmic gaze

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propaganda lexicon

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digital footprint workshop

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off-white's metaverse


the online review

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prada case-study

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"the comment section"

the search for digital agency and the exploration or contextualisation of ‘freedom’ within the  digital landscape — and its textual, visual and calculated narrative. 

theoretical examples

of (online) self publishing

strategies ;

Subversion as


The concept of subversion is based on the option of positioning yourself outside of the ‘system’, that is supposed to be infiltrated.


It's a strategy that is political by nature while manoeuvring along the border or ‘fake and real’ to and provoke questions. 

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