the algorithmic gaze



analyse  translate • visualise 

research methodology ;

focused on  de-mystification  of subliminal

processes that consumers encounter in daily life


digitalisation of fashion through our new media landscape ; 


types of authorship ; 



online realm

digital (interactive) essay



physical realm

installation in form of diorama

data scape ; into [my] algorithmic gaze

As our consumer awareness is currently being seduced subliminally by fashion media that engage with us via algorithms, my practise is about de-mystifying these matters which enables the audience to actively pass their own judgement and surpass a passive state of being.


A multiauthorship aiming to explain matters of everyday life in which responsibilities and opportunities lie with the general public and to highlight these neglected or not-understood abstract topics and propel a type of digital activism.

future development via [artistic] PhD

future practise; designing  critical dialog 

infrastructural critique

critique - as proposition


reversal as tactic