Analyses, translates and visualises the crossover between the fashion system and digital culture with a focus on introducing  digital literacy in fashion. 

In her personal practise she approaches fashion as a subliminal communication vehicle which she aims to de-mystify in order to inform consumers on complex matters regarding individual agency within our current digital culture. 

In her on-going research project 


 the digitazion of fashion and the new ways the fashion system and its consumer connect and communicate through newly acquired  technological rhythms, is explored and explained. This body of work was also presented and published early 2020 during the Fashion Colloquia in Jaipur, India 

She is currently a contributing researcher and co-designer at 'Ontwerplab - Digitale Stad'  (2020)  which aims to create an  open-source (digital) platform for engaging, educating and exploring in collaboration with the public, as part of OBA Next   initiated by the Municipality of Amsterdam.

She has collaborated with Het Nieuwe Instituut   on their exhibition

 The Hoodie  (2019)   (currently on display)   for which she has been asked to research, write and consult. 



Next to her own artistic & research practise she has also contributed to independent publications and research projects such as 

 v*gue, a magazine reader (2018)   

&   Portal_001 (2018)   

( both Warehouse Amsterdam    productions )

She has  presented her contribution 'reading luxury' (2018)   during the Fashion Colloquium - Searching for the New Luxury  (2018)    and has interviewed Timotheus Vermeulen for Apria Journal regarding hedonistic sustainability (2018)  



She has joined Chet Julius and Hester Brands in the diversity podcasts (2018)   produced by Studium Generale , where diversity in fashion in various ways, shapes and forms are the topic of conversation.  







She is currently based in Rotterdam, and holds a MA Fashion Strategy from Artez (2019 — cum laude, certificate Art & Politics from BAK (2019) and a BA Lifestyle & Design from Willem de Kooning academy (2013) 

During her internship at the wearable senses lab (2018), which is part of Technical University Eindhoven  she focused on researching possibilities to cohabit and merge wearable technology and fashion. By extension she was offered and successfully completed the Digital Craftsmanship course given by Loe Feijs and Kristina Andersen.  During this period she was also invited to partake in a Biotechnology Masterclass in Paris (2018) , provided  by Atelier Neerlandais.